What colour are your dreams? Are you left breathless or are you wandering around subconscious paths opened up beyond your will? Are you seeking the darkness of the daylight or the light in darkness? Do you let rhythms and notes take control of your thoughts and energy? Are sonic ceremonies enabling or disturbing your psychic processes? What were you doing on the day the night forgot to visit?


Edward Ka-Spel & Patrick Q.Wright – Black Zone 2021, Album: Plus ca change (self released, Sept 2021)
LOW – White Horses, Album: Hey What (Sub Pop, Sept 2021)
Alone In The Hollow Garden  – Seven Astra Gates, Album: 156 (self released, Sept 2021)
Emceekee – On the day the night forgot to visit, Album: Soundings at Earthquake Ho.  (self released, Sept 2021)
Innocent But Guilty – DESIDERA, Album: TATAKEOVER (Foolish Records,Sept  2021)
Gnaw their tongues – HATE (self released, Sept 2021)
Public Service Broadcasting – Der Rhythmus der Maschinen (feat. Blixa Bargeld), Album: Bright Magic (Play it Again Sam, Sept 2021)
Nils Frahm and F.S. Blumm – Raw Chef, Album: 2×1=4 (Leiter, Sept 2021)
meta meat – downrising, Album: infrasupra (Ant-Zen, Sept 2021)
matter – Experiential Realities, Album: Raw Material (Ant-Zen, Sept 2021)
Synapscape – The Chase, EP: Immaculate (Ant-Zen, Sept 2021)
Karim Maas & Scape – Godless, Album: Godless (UVB-76 Music, Sept 2021)
Ultra Sunn – Body Electric, Album: Body Electric (Cold Transmission Music, Sept 2021)
DILK – Deprecated (Sept 2021)
Bad Waitress – Manners, Album: No Taste (Royal Mountain Records, Sept 2021)
Ashley Shadow – Gone Too Long, Album: Only the End (Felte, Sept 2021)
Howard Rickard – Junkies Lament, Album: Beyond the Pale (Aerodynamic, Sept 2021)