Tak Tent isn’t monetised but you can support our wonderful family of contributors directly by purchasing their output.

Alternative Blueprint / Automated Acoustics is an alias of leftfield music maker Lawrence Gill who is a composer for movie trailers (including landing some music/Sound Design in the trailers for Alien:Covenant, Antlers & Logan), and professional mastering engineer.


Andrew Paine is a Glasgow based musician: his work ranging from solo voice, through layered howling guitars, gentle piano interludes, oblique electronics and wherever he likes in between.

Music | Andrew Paine (bandcamp.com)

Burd Ellen is a collaborative project featuring Debbie Armour (Alasdair Roberts, Green Ribbons) and Gayle Brogan (Pefkin, Barrett’s Dottled Beauty). The group uses traditional song to explore and evoke dark landscapes and deep stories. Innovative instrumentation, drone and sound-wash support detailed vocal work to create a unique sonic atmosphere.

Music | Burd Ellen (bandcamp.com)

Cara Tolmie‘s practice centres itself upon the voice, the body and the complex ties between the two. All at once subjective as well as socially determined, she explores voice and body as two codependent entities able to prompt as well as contradict one another. 


Emma / Pettaluck / Culture as a Dare A multi instrumental song writer from Southend on Sea, Pettaluck has released music via Wriuew records and TQ-Naut and cut her teeth in bands such as Lost Harbours, Ten Tigers and Rock Garden of Chandigahr.

Pettaluck (bandcamp.com)

Darren J Holloway. Mystic electro-drone merchant, AKA The German Ocean. 1/3 of SINNEN. Owner at HREA’M Recordings. TQN-aut team member.

Music | Darren j Holloway (bandcamp.com)
Music | Hreám Recordings (bandcamp.com)
Music | SINNEN (bandcamp.com)
The German Ocean | The German Ocean | Submarine Broadcasting Company (bandcamp.com)

Joe Howe is a composer, performer and sound artist, working in music, theatre and visual art, based in Glasgow.


Lumpen Nobleman is an alias of Extra Normal label don and Contra Pop Festival organiser, Kyle McCallum.


Staged Fate is the alias and solo project of Patrick Ryming. He grew up in Skive, a small town in the Danish countryside where, as he describes, ‘there was nothing much to do but play music or do sports. And I was terrible at sports’.


Richard Youngs (b. 1966, Cambridge, England) is a musician based in Glasgow, Scotland, whose work is an ongoing experiment in no particular genre. Straddling the traditional and the avant-garde, he is primarily interested in being himself.


Schreek. Music and artwork available from his website.


Scott Douglas Gordon. Creator of amazing instruments, OTO HIAX with Mark Clifford, Editions Mego, ESK, HIAX records, Loops Haunt, Dj Sondico.

Sheer Zed is a writer, shaman, electronic musician & artist & has published articles on his experiences in the occult ritualistic aspects of shamanism and Thai Lanna Buddhism in Indie Shaman, Rituals and Declarations and on the Folklore Thursday website. 


Soloman Haunt