Bøne Appetit! W/ Bhayankar – 02/11/2023

Bhayankar is an electronic music project based in Delhi, led by the ingenious artist, Madhur. With an unyielding passion for crafting groundbreaking sounds, Bhayankar’s live performances, one can expect to embark on a truly psychotic experience, with integration of diverse styles and elements. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, from the rhythmic grooves of DnB to the soulful rhythms of UK Garage, and the deep vibrations of Dub, Bhayankar’s productions breathe life into the dancefloors. Bhayankar has also performed for DnB India in Bangalore, and shared stage with Australian Artist Ekko & Sidetrack. Furthermore, Bhayankar’s creative prowess extends to the world of VIP edits and bootlegs, where he has lent his creative touch to reimagine and elevate existing tracks to new heights.

Bøne Appetit! W/ XS – 03/08/2023

With a penchant for intricate sound design, XS imbues his music with gentle yet driving rhythms that are hard to bind to a particular style. His sound draws inspiration from old school jungle, breaks, electro, UKG and house melodies while keeping a sense of authenticity with his hip/hop roots with a lot more 808 sounds of ghetto house and booty bass. His selection can be described as wide, genre-less, & high octane that takes you through soundscapes & blends that you have guaranteed to have not heard before.

Bøne Appetit! W/ Bønehead ft. Somatic – 06/07/2023

This month’s episode is a 2 hour special featuring ‘Somatic’ a dual-heritage Indian-English Sound Artist from Exeter, now based in London. His diverse creative practice encompasses sound and music for theatre, dance, screen, club dancefloors and DJing. Although his sound is rooted in sound systems and dance music culture he takes influence from the rural landscape he grew up in and the myriad of genres from around the world he was brought up on to create his unique sonic identity. His recent notable work includes: Sonic Landscapes of Colour – a 2-part (ARIA Nominated) audio-documentary sharing the stories of young people of colour who have grown up in the South West subsequently broadcast on the BBC, The VR film “Child of Empire” which premiered at the Sundance film festival, DJ sets at festivals such as Boomtown & Glastonbury, The play Daytime Deewane ( OFFIE Finalist Best Orignal Sound – Young Peoples Theatre) set ‘in Londons last Daytimer’ in 1997 and over 500k+ plays on streaming platforms.