Skylarking – Castles In Space mix #1

My latest hour long mix is the first of a two parter featuring tunes from the vast and eclectic back catalogue of the Castles In Space imprint. Digging back only a few years but flying right up to this month this pretty, pretty, chill Skylarking mix will give a gentle reminder of why they are the best label ever to come out of Biggleswade and are one of the finest record companies really out-there!


Sounds for the fire that is burning inside, songs for scorching temperatures and for passing through fire. Unsettling combinations of frequencies going hand-in-hand with heartfelt lyricism. The soundtrack of July 2023, a month with the craziest weather on this planet. We couldn’t resist the temptation to represent it!
Mix something spicy, sweet and zingy!

Bøne Appetit! W/ XS – 03/08/2023

With a penchant for intricate sound design, XS imbues his music with gentle yet driving rhythms that are hard to bind to a particular style. His sound draws inspiration from old school jungle, breaks, electro, UKG and house melodies while keeping a sense of authenticity with his hip/hop roots with a lot more 808 sounds of ghetto house and booty bass. His selection can be described as wide, genre-less, & high octane that takes you through soundscapes & blends that you have guaranteed to have not heard before.