A fresh Zadagan Keep mix of a strange variety of hauntological psychedelia, finishing off with a mix session by Keith Seatman.

Southsea based Keith Seatman was a founder member of 80s-90s indie band The Psylons. Over the last 13 years, Seatman has released seven solo albums (two LP’s and one 12inch single through Castles in Space) and two EP’s (The Broken Folk EP in collaboration with Jim Jupp Ghostbox Records). He has developed a unique style of unsettling electronica rooted in a very British sort of electronic psychedelia. Keith has been featured and interviewed in Electronic Sound Magazine and appeared on NTS Radio Alien Jams show twice. There have been regular appearances on ‘A Year in the Country’ compilations and the ‘Scarred For Life’ albums. He has also been played on BBC Radio 6 music’s The Freak Zone, the Gideon Coe show and BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction. There will be a new album from Keith on Castles in Space in 2024.

“Write his name in the centre of a crumpled notepad, and – as this extraordinary musical adventure unfurls – let the comparisons explode around it. You’ll end up with Syd Barrett, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, even Tommy Cooper and the remnants of Music Hall. But they’re not influences, nor inspirations. It’s more than that. It’s genetic”.
Bob Fischer/ Electronic Sound

This session was recorded live and in one take at home in the front room on a very wet and Rainy July afternoon. Some old tracks and some new ones from the next album.

1 Desmond Briscoe & Maddalena Fagandini – Outside

2 Synanthesia – Peek Strangely And Worried Evening

3 Brian Hodgson – TARDIS

4 The Advisory Circle – Jessica Finds the Beach

5 Vanishing Twin – You Are Not an Island

6 Mount Vernon Arts Lab – Telek

7 arovane – ypaal

8 Daevid Allen – Poet for sale

9 Peter Howell – Merry-Go-Round

10 Dissociative Identity Quartet – Afraid Of Water

11 Amorphous Androgynous – Osho

12 His Name Is Alive – Where Knock Is Open Wide

13 Portland Vows – Tangled Again

14 Beautiful Junkyards – Reverie

15 Xingu Hill – Eye Contact

16 La French – For Casey

17 White Noise – Your Hidden Dreams

Mix session by Keith Seatman

18 Keith Seatman – The Grand Alchemists Parade

19 Keith Seatman – A Child the Hare and the Old Wooden Chair

20 Keith Seatman – Between Tide and Town (New)

21 Keith Seatman – The Gnome Zone

22 Keith Seatman – Clip Clop to the Shop (New)

23 Keith Seatman – Avoid Large Places

24 Keith Seatman – A Posh Hat and Time Piece (New)

25 Keith Seatman – Before Your very Eyes (New)

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