Imagine finding yourselves in an abandoned fairground where all the equipment swings sideways slowly as the wind blows, imagine the stillness and the feeling of disquiet…and now imagine somebody wrote a soundtrack for all that, the landscape and its emotional output.
Prepare yourselves as you wish for the longest playlist of the year, the creepiest sounds and some added poetic weirdness by Jointweird who were possessed by something otherworldly and answer questions famous songs have posed in their titles!
You’ll need more than one poison for this one dear darklings!

Blaue Rosen / Joint Weird Playlist – Oct 2022

It is always the melancholic, the eerie and the mysterious elements in music that tell the most interesting stories. We embrace Autumn and the coming Winter with a soundtrack for a dance bizarre of ghosts – real or imaginary – and creatures of the night. Nature always sets the tone and the sounds that occur set the rhythm. Grab your poison and join us!


If at the beginning of this playlist you are not drinking whiskey, then we are certain that you will be holding a glass of this potion towards the end. It starts with punk anger and feistiness, travels down a dark post-punk path, soothes the spirits with an indie rock plateau that explode into techno psychedelia before resolving into ceremonial sonic ritual. Sometimes it is anger, other times it is an underlying summoning energy, raw, dreamy and somewhat persistent but, all the time, our chosen sonic path follows an invisible thread, only revealed under the influence of potent convolutions.


When all is said and done, there is only sound – sometimes deafening, sometimes imperceptible. Rhythms and melodies with or without words that can either trigger disquieting thoughts or treat wounds that few gestures can. This playlist, in the ‘heart’ of the summer, has coldwave ‘colours’ and deep roots within the occult and, therefore, enjoying it will require that you perform a type of ritual that you are very familiar with.


Dear darklings – enough sitting, enough self-reflection, enough calmness, enough stillness. Time to overturn things, time to channel a different energy, time to embrace the spur of the moment and enjoy the catharsis that follows an explosion of energy. It will feel chaotic, exhilarating, somewhat long-time coming and, most definitely, violently happy. This playlist is a sonic orgy of banging electro, noise, IDM, punk rock and gothic poems that somehow dissolve into a dark folk, rock, dreamy, ethereal dance through a jazz, soul improvisational pathway. Enjoy it as loud as you can because … il y a des enfants qui disent non, il y a des enfants et c’est nous!


What does it take for your mind to start haunting trips into unknown areas with no easily spotted exit points? What is it that grounds you to the ‘here’ and ‘now’ like an anchor against strong displacing winds? And once IN there, do you dare to dance? Do you dare to dream? Follow the screams, feel the loud vibrating chords, raise a glass to anything and anyone you want to send your love to in times of peace but especially in times of war. Happy birthday my darling!


This playlist was compiled under the impact of war planes flying over one more part of the world – this time it is Ukraine. All the songs seem to have one common purpose, the invocation of a wisdom beyond this world, a fascination for spiritual wanderings into areas of complete darkness looking for monsters to converse with…Noise, industrial, synthwave, darkwave, post punk and metal soundscapes expand and contract the sonic environment just as reality does to our senses. Whether we have awakened ancient evil spirits or are only relying on them for wisdom it remains to be seen. Until then, this is the soundtrack for the chase of the Devil’s cattle for all eternity. This playlist ends with a cowboy song and the hope that war planes will stop flying everywhere! This is our longest playlist to date and celebrates our first year as part of the Tak Tent radio family. You will need whiskey for these 2 hours !