Music for the summer months has to have something hazy about it, something dreamy yet quite dynamic. This particular summer is already special as one of the most evasive bands in the history of music has resurfaced. We suggest you take this soundtrack with you up on a hill somewhere, close to sunset. Pack your poison…obviously!

BandAlbumTrackRelease (date, label)
00.00 Kalte NachtU R G EDare To DefyJune 2024 Label: COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
03.34 THE BEAUTY OF GEMINAWhispers Of The SeasonsJune 2024 Self-released
07.15 Astari NiteResolution Of HappinessAshtray BalletJune 2024 Label: Negative Gain Productions
12.16 Bleib ModernBleib ModernFremder JungeJune 2024 Label : Young & Cold Records
     16.53 Mayflower               MadamePaint It All In BlueJune 2024 Self-released
21.33 CAVE CASTLEMidnight MelancholyLike The WindJune 2024 Self-released
24.53 NoromakinaHungJune 2024 Self-released
29.26  frank riggioqu4nassimaJune 2024 Label: hymen records
32.21 anatoly grimberg & andreas davidsInspired By A Tragedythe beginningJune 2024 Label:ant-zen
37.53 signalstoerungEP: occurrenceOccurrence iiJune 2024 Label: hymen records
41.31 AllarmeDebut album: AllarmePóƚnoc – PoƚudnieJune 2024 Label: Bat-cave Productions
46.16 WHOLEHYDRADead DeerJune 2024 Label: Blackjack Illuminist Records
50.24 Anders MangaLeave My Grave OpenJune 2024 Self-released
53.28 architravwelkgeistesgiftJune 2024 Label: ant-zen
57.29 The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant JesusThe Dream We CarryThe Road HomeJune 2024 Label: Nine x Nine Records
1.01.07 Chrystabell & David LynchSublime Eternal LoveJune 2024 Label: Sacred Bones Records