Hedonisms – Sonic Signal 13 ft. Nine2Five

The artists for this week are Sleepy Insomniac and Weatherman, who perform together as Nine2Five. This is what they have to say about the episode – The mix was recorded on a hedonistic Thursday, in the company of friends and a cat, right after an afternoon of grilling meat and drinking beers.

There was no predefined trajectory, just one piece of music opening up space for the next one to come in. The one hour session includes a spectrum of mood swings and genres, a peek into the energy of the day and the summer to come.

Hedonisms – Sonic Signal 12 – Antariksh Daddy and Shortsell

For the 12th episode of Hedonisms, Antariksh Daddy and Shortsell come through with a special mix transcending the laws of space and time. The mix disobeys norms & genres, it is counter-culture and exists for why we do this. Expect a back to back which is complementary and dissonant simultaneously. The 2+ hours of music are hedonistic and this is Hedonisms.

Hedonisms – Sonic Signal 11 – feat. Sentient

This mix reflects on the past year and the different moods I was oscillating in between. I ended up creating a vessel of energy in the form of this mix – that being reflective, energetic and sensual. The tracks in the mix have woven my taste in music over the past few years and have been quite pivotal towards my growth as an artist.

With this mix, Sentient hints at what’s to come in the following year.

Hedonisms – Sonic Signal 09 – Fringe Mechanics – Komrad Mix

The mix offers a heavy dose of breaks, ghetto tech and acid laden grooves to soundtrack the 1-2 AM hour. A time of the night I imagine to be removed from the more “happier” side of the spectrum and treads on the more darker inorganic side. Since it’s an hour when we are often just a little more than the sum of the candy we’ve eaten, and need power packed rhythms to elevate the floor.