Skylarking – Cododd Ni Eto

Emily K has taken after her father and is releasing weird and fucked up electronic music under her new label Cododd Ni Eto which translates as We Got Up Again. This hour long selection from across her label is a good overview of what is going on in one of the odder sections of the Welsh underground music scene and I hope you dig this Skylarking groove, lloniannau!


A non-musical mix from Fletina. A Scottish sound artist & field recordist who creates raw abstract audio collages using found objects, room sounds, environmental noises, household items, mechanical devices and various electronic manipulation techniques.

Kinbrae – Memory Loop #1

Kinbrae present ‘Memory Loop’, a new radio show on Tak Tent that explores their relationship to place through sound.

Each episode will feature new music composed especially for the show, plus field recordings and tracks from other artists the twins love. Together they will use all of these elements to explore how people interact with the spaces around them, how these places can impact mental wellbeing and the memories that can be built around the landscapes we inhabit.