Cododd Ni Eto mix reborn and re-loaded after interference static issues with the original one. This is a bit of an odd one, so here’s a bit of backstory – the Welsh label R-Bennig which I’ve championed since I first started out in radio in 1991 sadly came to a end last year after a run of hundreds of releases but with no commercial success whatsoever, which is most likely what it’s founder Johnny R no doubt had in mind anyway as he has always been doing it for the music with no compromise. It must have cost him a small fortune to run and release incredibly bizarre and without doubt the weirdest (and best) music exclusively from Wales. Happily his daughter Emily K has taken after her father and is releasing similar weird and fucked up electronic music under the new label name Cododd Ni Eto which translates as We Got Up Again. So this hour long selection from across her label is a good overview of what is going on in one of the odder sections of the Welsh underground music scene and I hope you dig this Skylarking groove, lloniannau!

Genod A5 – Hiya Hiyas
Arianwen – Beats O Hyd
Colin Caergybi – Shambala
San tro PEZ – 17 Caeth Cariad
Beth – Yn Y Byd (Edit Llawn)
Emily K – K Tad
Los Anglesey – Boring Middle Aged Men Who Hang Around Welsh Record Shops All Day Moaning About Music No One’s Ever Heard Of Store Day 2024
Y Pregethwraig – Bwlio
Mar – Marwisgo
Genod A5 – Y Shinachwraig
Ethania – Ethaniatropolis NYE ’23
Waw Ffactor AI – Y Gamfa Byd (Pianola Gay edit)
Genod A5/R-Bennig – Duncan Black Tribute
Cyrliog Hughes – Cyrliog Hughes
R-Bennig – A5 – Parti Butane (Original Mix)
Genod A5 – Holly Vaughan Owen Is A Big Fat Cow (REN Re-Mix)
Hen Gasets Dad #1 Johnny R – Bym Fiver