So this is how we waved goodbye to 2022, with some fury, some melancholy, and some desire for change, all captured within post punk, playful ceremonial and cinematic synthwave, dynamic IDM and cynical punk storytelling. Music for the longest night of the year, music for the darkness that is hidden in the silence of the wintry landscapes, music that invites you to prepare a warm cocktail and join us!

Hedonisms – Sonic Signal 11 – feat. Sentient

This mix reflects on the past year and the different moods I was oscillating in between. I ended up creating a vessel of energy in the form of this mix – that being reflective, energetic and sensual. The tracks in the mix have woven my taste in music over the past few years and have been quite pivotal towards my growth as an artist.

With this mix, Sentient hints at what’s to come in the following year.