Be silent, be still. An auditory spa day of deep listening and transportative music to help you deal with challenges of the new year. 

Alliyah Enyo – SEINN *gainmheach*
Cyril Meysson & Sheng Jie – Dissemblances Internes
Jelena Glazova – Empty Room excerpt
Evily Candy Machine – Cold Rocket
giant skeletons – and miles to go before I sleep
FILMY GHOST – Frozen Caves
Amandine CASADAMONT – Strip Box
Alexandra SPENCE – Sleep in Nothingness
VHSound – More Than Gas, Less Than Energy
Karen Vogt – cloud three
Twinkle³ – David Ross, Richard Scott, Clive Bell – Home Planetarium
Nagel – It Started in a Finger (feat. Carla Bozulich)
Marla Van Horn – PERHONEN
Orbitalpatterns – Phantom Stenography
Andrea Ferraris & Matteo Uggeri – Windscreen-wiper, a walk through the snow
Ujjaya – Slow trance
Amy May Ellis – Rain From The East
J.Lynch – For Horns, Piano and Snare
Fengi – Kabus
Phu Pham – What Could
Lou CRL – J’allume
Felipe Vaz – The Well Frozen Piano (asleepinggiant edit)
Wahinya Mwirikia – Mbarìki (Kigali, Rwanda)