So this is how we waved goodbye to 2022, with some fury, some melancholy, and some desire for change, all captured within post punk, playful ceremonial and cinematic synthwave, dynamic IDM and cynical punk storytelling. Music for the longest night of the year, music for the darkness that is hidden in the silence of the wintry landscapes, music that invites you to prepare a warm cocktail and join us!

MELDAMOR – As The Enemy Dies, – (Dec 2023, Self-released )
Gematos Araxnes, Re File! – Xerei Karate!, – (Dec 2023, Self-released )
Deathtrippers – Hurt R!, – (Dec 2023, Self-released )
Glaring – Schweben, Schweben (Dec 2023, Self-released )
Left For Pleasure – Vase, Human Contract (Dec 2023, Detriti Records)
Dag Rosenqvist – Into Fields, Lexika (Dec 2023, Dronarivm)
Rupert Lally – MUTEX, Hacker (Dec 2023, Spun out of control)
I tpame I tvrame – !NOS, – (Dec 2023, Self-released )
Brutalist Architecture In The Sun – Complete The Shape, – (Dec 2023, Self-released )
Dernière Volonté – En Espagne, Cristal (Dec 2023, Silences Et Gresillements)
David Eugene Edwards – Kingdom of Ice, A Riverwood Arts Session (Dec 2023, Sargent House)
Cult of Youth – Climb The Wall, With Open Arms (Dec 2023, Hospital Productions)
Dead Inside – Sweet Addiction, Invisible Witness To The Holy Crime (Dec 2023, SwissDarkNights)
The Legendary Pink Dots – Warm Bank, Christmas Special (Dec 2023, Self-released )
Nox Arcana – Santa Selena, – (Dec 2023, Self-released)
Qntal – Winterly Waves, Time Stands Still (Dec 2023, Drakkar Records)