Gary Wilkinson – SPIRITUALIST CHURCH///Symphony

Orchestral music created using cut-ups, loops and layers of public domain classical pieces. Covering stories and subjects from former mining communities that have been left behind. This piece is about a local Spiritualist Church which haunted the artist as a child, exploring childhood fears and the terrifying things that were imagined to manifest inside the church. It considers the exploitation of the bereaved that would take place within but also the comfort that people look for from those who’ve passed over.

Skylarking – 10×10+2

A selection of 10 x tracks that are over 10+ mins each. The twist this time is that all the tracks are from Berlin based imprint Karlrecords (all one word) with electronic, folk and classical sounds from all around the world (sorry flat earthers) including China, Germany, Greece and USA,
We hope you dig this Skylarking groove.


It might have been the Harvest Moon that brought Chelsea Wolfe and David Eugene Edwards back simultaneously. Or it might just be something else, something crooked that shall remain unnamed. For about 90’ you shall listen to songs about howling flowers, cabins in the middle of nowhere, serpents, shrikes, felling, starving spiders, and flying cars. You know what to do!