Culture as a Dare usher in Autumnal scenes with obligatory crunchy leaves underfoot alongside a tasty line up of the eccentric and magnificent

Andrew Sharpley & Rex Casswell – whitebait – fish grunts type B – unidentified biological noise
bell lungs – Wolves Behind Us
Hardworking Families – Unlabelled
Scott McGough vs HyMettus Woods – gogo1205
Steveless – It
Manu Louis –  Peu
Montague Armstrong – Maremmanemesis
elephant house – trouba
Umeko Ando – Aruo (アルオー)
Sea of Suns – Exotica
TNSE x Bygga –  HNC
Jacken Elswyth – The Wren
Concretism – Orthicon Halo
storyteller – march of the slug edit
Andrea Pensado & {AN} EeL – Todos Y Todo – 01 Pt. 1
Makushin – For Pollen
The Doomed Bird of Providence – On A Moonlit, Ragged Sea
The Ivonne Van Cleef Orquesta – Valtz Del Mosquito
Ergo Phizmiz – Autumnal Cannibalism
GROSSO GADGETTO & BAPTISTE CARUANA – Travailler, Produire, Jouir
John Callaghan – 23% is Kiss
Pup Tentacle – Pop Out Your Eyes
Gonora Sounds – Go Bhora
eleOnora – Voice improv through jews harp at home (2013 edit)
Sashash Ulz – ””_”
Claire M Singer – Above and Below