It might have been the Harvest Moon that brought Chelsea Wolfe and David Eugene Edwards back simultaneously. Or it might just be something else, something crooked that shall remain unnamed. For about 90’ you shall listen to songs about howling flowers, cabins in the middle of nowhere, serpents, shrikes, felling, starving spiders, and flying cars. You know what to do!

FEARING – Scars, Destroyer (Sept 2023, Label: Profound Lore)
This Cold Night – Manifestation, – (Sept 2023, Self-released )
Words And Actions – A New Dawn, Some Gods just want to watch the world burn (Sept 2023, Label: Detriti Records)
Tube Alloys – Land Of Me, Magnetic Point (Sept 2023, Label: La Vida Es Un Mus)
Deeper – Fame, Careful! (Sept 2023, Label: Sub Pop)
Gym Tonic – Collision Frontale, Sanitary Situations (Sept 2023, Label: Phantom Records)
bloody/bath – All Love Unfelt, EP: All Love Unfelt (Sept 2023, Self-released )
The Wytches – Zep Step, Our Guest Can’t Be Named (Sept 2023, Label: Alcopop! Records)
Inês e Morta – Serpentes em taças, EP: Ilha (Sept 2023, Label: )
Desolation Colony – Prisoner Cinema, EP (Sept 2023, Label: Mannequin Records)
Hey Colossus – Can’t Fell Around Us, In Blood (Sept 2023, Label: Wrong Speed Records)
Hexvessel – A Cabin In Montana, Polar Veil (Sept 2023, Label: Svart Records)
KEN mode – The shrike, VOID (Sept 2023, Label: Artoffact Records)
Low End Activist – Good question, EP: Gossip Is The Devil’s Radio (Sept 2023, Label: ESP Institute)
BLVCK CEILING – Flying Cars, – (Sept 2023, Self-released )
Blac kolor – gedankentrümmer, weltenbrand (Sept 2023, Label: ant-zen)
Public Memory – The Spider Starves, Elegiac Beat (Sept 2023, Label: felte)
Chelsea Wolfe – DUSK, – (Sept 2023, Label: LOMA VISTA)
David Eugene Edwards – Howling Flower, Hyacinthe (Sept 2023, Label: Sargent House)
The Woodland Hunters – Four Great Lies, Small Mercies (Sept 2023, Self-released)