This mix is called Electric Space mainly due to the samples scattered about that reference things to do with space, like moon walking, spaceship troubles and generally floating around in a lot of ambient and chilled out electronica with the oxygen running out, uh oh…

An Moku I Stefan Schmidt – Yama
Void – NREM 3
Wil Bolton – Swept
Fragile X – Lueur Aubade
Kirk Barley – Lake of Gold
Dub Tractor – C03
Eartheater – Salt of the Earth (H2ome)
Crows Labyrinth – Neon Scenes I – Granular Dreams
Euan Dalgarno – Entry
Reid Willis – First Grain
TAETRO – Now We Must Depart
Alva Noto – Ungewiss
Babe, Terror – Casa das Canoagens