The mix offers a heavy dose of breaks, ghetto tech and acid laden grooves to soundtrack the 1-2 AM hour. A time of the night I imagine to be removed from the more “happier” side of the spectrum and treads on the more darker inorganic side. It’s an eccentric time when we are often just a little more than the sum of the candy we’ve eaten, and need power packed rhythms to be companion to our experience.

Pretty Girl – Arc
Len Faki – Kraft und Licht
T Jacques – Cheat Codes (Youandewan Remix)
Anderson – Ass Kickin
Aldonna – The Empress Acid Line (Alex Kassian Remix)
Dusky – Stick By This (Maruwa Remix)
Stones Taro – Knock My Ear
Plump DJs – Rocket Soul
X CLUB – Psychopath
Cyan85 – Astral Stream
The Deserter – Raveolution
Selfhood – SE West
Malugi – The Homies
Energy Boyz – Ray of Light
Raw Takes – Hyped Funk
Sweely – He’s Mine
Kosh – Electronic Setups
Hugo Massien – Unpowered Descent
Haider – Maracuja
AK One – Islands in the sky

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