A haunting sonic tale for a haunting month; our favourite of the year! 22 tracks to make you defy natural forces, evil spirits and paralysing negativity. If you rise above all that, what are you coming out as?                    

Byronic Sex & Exile – The Haunted Palace (Part 1), Everything But The Ghoul (Oct 2023, Label: Goth City Records)
Nox Arcana – Widow’s Web, Darkfall, Vol.2 (Oct 2023, Self-released )
Oliver Marson – Death of a Pornstar, Why Did I Choose This? (Oct 2023, Self-released)
Glaring – Dull Day, Void (Oct 2023, Label: Young & Cold Records)
MUERAN HUMANOS – Single: Dentaduras, – (Oct 2023, Self-released )
Succubus – Sacrifice, Succubus (Oct 2023, Label: Bat-Cave Productions)
frett – body mind, nottwo (Oct 2023, Label: ant-zen)
Teeth Of The Sea – Liminal Kin, Hive (Oct 2023, Label: Rocket Recordings)
DUCTAPE – Single: Red Scar, – (Oct 2023, Label: SWISS DARK NIGHTS)
SOFT VEIN – LEASH, Debut: PRESSED IN GLASS (Oct 2023, Label: Artoffact Records)
VESTRON VULTURE – you don’t like real girls, EP: you don’t like real girls (Oct 2023, Label: self-released)
Feu Follet – Living Without (Wedding Song), Lost Locust (Oct 2023, Label: Blackjack Illuminist Records)
Collection d’Arnell Andrea – A Blackbird in a Dark World, A Forest Inside (Oct 2023, Label: Trisol)
Total Chroma – Northern Lights, LAPLAND (Oct 2023, Label: Negative Gain)
Numb.er – J31, Regressions (Oct 2023, Label: Third Coming Records)
Telehealth – Mindtrap, EP: Mindtrap (Oct 2023, Label: Sub Pop Records)
False Fed – Superficial, Debut album: Let Them Eat Fake (Oct 2023, Label: Neurot Recordings)
YOBS – Fortune Teller, Debut EP: Fortune Teller b/w Cemetery Man (Oct 2023, Label: FUZZ Club)
WAYFARER – Reaper of the Oilfields, American Gothic (Oct 2023, Label: Profound Lore)
THE VACANT LOTS – Damaged Goods, INTERIORS (Oct 2023, Label: FUZZ Club)
THE CULT OF ONE – The Beat Of The Drum Machine, SONIC BASTARD (Oct 2023, Self-released )
BLACK TO COMM – La société des rêves, At Zeenath Parallel Heavens (Oct 2023, Label: Thrill Jockey)
Byronic Sex & Exile – The Haunted Palace (Part 2), Everything But The Ghoul (Oct 2023, Label: Goth City Records)