This playlist is not for the faint-hearted. Can you handle abysmal, cold, unforgiving darkness? Come join us at the edge…with poison…obviously!

Love In Cage – Californian Desert, Trans-Reality (Nov 2023, Label: Meidosem Records)
Ductape – Single: Veil of Lies, – (Nov 2023, Label: SWISS DARK NIGHTS)
Lebanon Hanover – Kyiv, EP: Better Than Going Under (Nov 2023, Label : Fabrika Records)
Break on Beacons – Riptide, An uninterrupted flow of images, shapes and colors… (Nov 2023, Label: FOOLISH RECORDS)
Itako – Protected Land, Muted Patterns (Nov 2023, Label: Sonic Groove)
Riotmiloo – Define normal, Blackout (Nov 2023, Label: ant-zen)
Nikita von Tiraspol – Random Friends, Iki Pasymatimol (Nov 2023, Label: Noorden)
thorofon – shouts of cries, angor (Nov 2023, Label: ant-zen)
Сад – Нож, О​б​р​ы​в (Nov 2023, Self-released )
frank riggio – sound particles, lo (Nov 2023, Label: Hymen Records)
The Man & His Failures – Lethe, EP: Lethe (Nov 2023, Self-released )
The Black Delta Movement – (This Is) Slow House, In Acetate (Nov 2023, Label: FUZZ Club)
THE CULT OF ONE – Voodoo Idol, THE SICK FUCK UNTO DEATH (Nov 2023, Self-released)
Japan Review – No Listening, The Slow Down (Nov 2023, Label: Blackjack Illuminist Records)
Nick Carlisle – 1993, Bloody Saturnalia (Nov 2023, Label: The Colour Inverted Records)
Edward Ka-Spel – Come to the Edge, Tease, Seize…Apply! (Nov 2023, Self-released )
Atrium Carceri – Empty Vessel, Forgotten Gods (Nov 2023, Label: Cryo Chamber)