Brand new episode of Bøne Appetit on Tak Tent Radio with Portugal based Artist ‘WTVR’, an acronym for ‘When The Void Recalls’, but also abbreviation for ‘Whatever’ bringing some breakbeat, jungle & footwork vibes. He started producing ambient tracks back in early 2019. Since then he has presented both Live Acts, and DJ sets around Lisbon, and has also played for the radio station ‘oxigé 102.6 fm ‘ in Portugal last year. His music has been played on Velaluna’s Astral transmission on and Noizy Wilson ‘Shadow Realm’ on He has also been on ‘Quântica online’ twice this year, one for the sacred fire of Vesta by Colectivo Lenha, and another for Mama Terahni’s Rave Runner. In early 2023 he released his first track on ‘Nü kvlture vol 3’ and recently his first EP ‘Crazy Function’ was released on the Portuguese label, Rotten \ Fresh.

Stazma – Glimpses [Independent]
WTVR – Kaossilating na SMUP [Unreleased]
WTVR – Kamals lahmacun [Unreleased]
Iguannas – Duche na boa (DJ 420@ôa remix) [Unreleased]
George Silver – Samba Canga [Panamá Papers]
George Silver – O bom petisco ft. Bruno Contreira [Panamá Papers]
Felice Furioso – The Going is Rough [Unreleased]
Tomé – Skull Emoji [Angel]
Tomé – Jumping on Slippery Stones [Angel]
Shibishco – Estevas [Independent]
Dromek – Covid Juke [Works records]
Dromek – It’s Absolutely Bussin [Intrinzic]
Stazma – Psev [Independent]
Incendiário – Dreamin’86 [Conveyor audio]
Y.L.S. – Solar Flare [Conveyor Audio]
Rivs – Whale Washer [Joog music]
Rivs – Jazz, But Make It Tangy ft. Neurolynx [Joog music]
Razat – Feelings [Counterpoint Recordings]
DJ Ends – Bass Drum Muzik [Independent]
Calculon – Reach Out My Junglists ft. the colonel [Shoot Recordings]
Janaway – Dubplate 2 tha head [Unreleased]
Cheetah – Run (send for all bad cru) [Da Demolition Squad]
Supa ape – Get It Soundboy [Supa-Records]
Y.L.S. – Looking in [Amen Lisboa]
420@ôa – Mousse Garden ft. Fortunato [Unreleased]
Insignio – Perimeter of Ignorance ft. Rodolfo Embaló [Conveyor audio]
WTVR – Poetic response [Rotten\Fresh]
Sempra – Ain’t going nowhere [Forthcoming on Hardcore Energy]
DJ Vicecity – preço certo [Colectivo Lenha]