A month of singles – a month of extreme weather and deep darkness, a month with less light, a month of passage to a new year. What’s the sound of a month like this one? Maybe it sounds exactly like this soundtrack – our last monthly playlist for 2023, cooked with extra spices from Jointweird and a strong environmental message. We say good riddance to 2023 and will work for a more positive 2024!

Mix your poison and join us!

Blauerosen + Jointweird

                     https://www.blaue-rosen.com   /  https://www.instagram.com/jointweird/


No – Between States (‘Wave Function’, Dec 23, TONN Recordings)

Glaring – Be Afraid (‘Shoegaphex’, Dec 23, Young and Cold Records)

Aux Animaux – Blackout (‘Body Horror’, Dec 23, Manic Depression Records)

Bootblacks – Wilderness (Single, Dec 23, Artoffact Records)

IDLES – Grace (Single, Dec 23, self released)

Cigarettes After Sex – Motion Picture Soundtrack (Single, Dec 23, self released)

Geins’t Naït & L. Petitgand, Scanner – Idiot Scan LP1 (‘Et il y avait’, Dec 23, Ici d’Ailleurs)

P. Emerson Williams – Asymmetric Dark Matter (‘Hidden Universe’, Dec 23, PANICMACHINE)

JK Flesh – PI 11.5 (‘PI 11’, Dec 23, Pi Electronics)

Xqui – Cherry Red Neon Blues (‘melting ice with ice’, Dec 23, Wormhole World)

Mildreda – Karma Oyster (‘Blue Deviled’, Dec 23, Dependent)

Abyssal Rift – The Eye (‘Extirpation Dirge’, Dec 23, Sentient Ruin Laboratories)

REACH – Eviga Natt (Single, Dec 23, self released)

David Nance – Cut the Conversation (‘Shameless Kiss’, Dec 23, Western Records)

The Real Tuesday Weld – Slinky and the Kid (‘Winter Warmers’, Dec 23, Antique Beat)

Ladytron – All Over By Xmas (Single, Dec 23, Cooking Vinyl)