The first Skylarking set of the year starts with an electronic heart and breaks down into broken beats alongside ambient soundtracks and finally melting down into some Jazz and Funk classics, the perfect soundtrack to start the year ahead. I hope you dig this Skylarking groove, Into 24.

Bagaski : Azalea
Vatican Shadow : Saddam’s Central Park Torture Chamber
Danny Daze : Exosphere
Leonardo Barbadoro : Bomi
Bigeneric : Suquova
Rainsoft : Slow Whispers Of The Nature
Daliepy : Escape
John T. Gast : Abyss
Ago : Riverwind
Organic Pulse Ensemble : The Beckoning
Hassan Abou Alam : Mawgood (Joaquin Cornejo Remix)
Salah Ragab and The Cairo Jazz Band : The Crossing
Wildflower : Long Way Home
Parliament : Night Of The Thumpasorus Peoples