Come hither, come hither…in dark woods and in fantastical worlds. In the night haze and in synthetic clouds. Ghosts are marching and whispers play tricks but the mother of toads is the only one might return by these roads.

BandAlbumTrackRelease (date, label)
00.00 Then Comes SilenceTrickeryLike A HammerApril 2024 Label: Metropolis
04.27 HUIREP: Triumphal Arch LoversLoversApril 2024 Label: COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
07.47 Night HazeCold LiesApril 2024
11.34 The KVBTremorsLabyrinthsApril 2024 Label: Invada
            14.57 Vestron                      VultureEP: Psycho BallPsycho BallApril 2024 Label:
17.32 The WraithGhost MarchAfterlifeApril 2024 Label: Seeing Red Records
21.07 ClaustraphobiaAll the angerApril 2024 Label:
   26.02  Our Unseen                                  Guest       View From A WindowView From A WindowApril 2024 Label:TONN Recordings
31.08 FYEARFYEARPart II: Mercury LoomsApril 2024 Label:Constellation
  38.46 FRACTAL  Structures of silence  Structures of silence  April 2024 Label: aliensproduction
45.43 flint Glass & ah cama-sotzWakan tankaodawaaApril 2024 Label: ant-zen
51.40 ThiefBleed,MemoryPrankqueanApril 2024 Label: Prophecy Productions
54.30 BLVCK CEILINGBLOCK NUANCEPONDSApril 2024 Label: Polycoffin
58.32 AUSTEREBeneath the TresholdThrallApril 2024 Label: Prophecy Productions
1.06.01 My Dying BrideA Mortal BindingUnthroned CreedApril 2024 Label: Nuclear Blast
1.12.51 The Vision BleakWeird TalesChapter VI: Mother of ToadsApril 2024 Label: Prophecy Productions
1.16.24 Los PalmsFrom the shadowsApril 2024 Label: FUZZ Club
1.21.27 King DudeSongs of the 1940s Vol.3&4Gambler BluesApril 2024 Label: Raubbau
1.24.23EYEDark LightDarklightApril 2024 Label: New Heavy Sounds
1.28.53 KAELAN MIKLAThe Phantom CarriageKorkärlenApril 2024 Label: Artoffact Records