This week’s selection is my choice of tracks from the recently released 53 track album titled 5th Anniversary, a compilation of artists on Adventurous Music, a non-profit micro-label releasing experimental electronic music in small editions. I hope you dig this Skylarking groove!

Myrkrid : Witch Cast
Wilhelm Schroeder & Signalstoerung : Oberhof
Audible Masticators & Krummhörens Kuhlen : A14
Malady Of Knots & Relay Station : T.E.D.S.
Disorganism & Sunken Lanes : Sucking the Ghosts from the Tarmac
Sylvia Din : A Less Treacherous Form of Leaching (Feat. Human Head)
Ratkiller (feat. Eleonora Kampe) : Artificially Rearranged Auditorial Sentiments
Fisternni : Alma 001
Lauré Lussier & Saintes.Glaces : Crushing Cars Dream
Digitalsakura : Europeanfieldofexperiments
Tulpa Twin & Precenphix : Spirits of Forgotten Lore