Sounds for the fire that is burning inside, songs for scorching temperatures and for passing through fire. Unsettling combinations of frequencies going hand-in-hand with heartfelt lyricism. The soundtrack of July 2023, a month with the craziest weather on this planet. We couldn’t resist the temptation to represent it!

Mix something spicy, sweet and zingy!

Maria Uzor – Ventolin, – (Jan 2023, Label: Mute)

Pink Opake – Minha Voz Minha Vez, Debut: Matéria (Jan 2023, Label: Wave Records)

Death Valley Girls – I Am a Wave, – (Jan 2023, Self-released )

Fir Cone Children – One Hundred Years, The Urge To Overtake Time (Jan 2023, Label: Blackjack Illuminist Records)

Ohne Nomen – No Fear, The S-Witch (Jan 2023, Label: Cold Transmission Music)

The Night Eternal – Between The Worlds, Fatale (Jan 2023, Label: Ván)

SKOLD – Rat King, Seven Heads (Jan 2023, Label: Cleopatra)

The Fierce And The Dead – What A Time To Be Alive, News From The Invisible World (Jan 2023, Label: Spencer Park Music )

Club Mayz – Architecture of Doom, EP: The Domain Of Night (Jan 2023, Label: brokntoys)

TerrorroT feat. TFG-  – Lonkeroiden Oikeudesta Tonttuvapaaseen Elӓmӓӓӓn, Synkkyyden Ja Lonkeroiden Vaikutuksesta (Jan 2023, Label: Panicmachine)

XOTOX – Alles geht kaputt, Ich bin da Ich funktioniere (Jan 2023, Label: Infacted Recordings)

Punshukunshu – Myth, Optical Illusion (Jan 2023, Label:aufnahme+wiedergabe )

Llimbs – Origin, Midnight Amber (Jan 2023, Label: VEYL)

hackedepicciotto – La femme sauvage, Keepsakes (Jan 2023, Label: MUTE)

PJ Harvey – A Child’s Question, July, I Inside the Old Year Dying (Jan 2023, Label: Partisan Records)

Jaye Jayle – Tell Me Live, Don’t Let Your Love Life Get You Down (Jan 2023, Label: Pelagic Records)

SOWULO – Full Mōna, – (Jan 2023, Self-released)

sadness – I want to feel like me, EP: Remembering Distant Stars (Jan 2023, Self-released)

Cigarettes After Sex – Bubblegum, EP: Bubblegum/Stop Waiting (Jan 2023, Self-released)

ANOHNI & The Johnsons – Rest, My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross (Jan 2023, Label: Secretly Canadian)

Marc Richter – Geisterfahrer, Coh Bâle (Jan 2023, Label: Thrill Jockey)