A largely electronic and song based selection this time, and no DJ waffle, so it’s a perfect backdrop for a BBQ or wedding. In a parallel universe.

Kevin Hawkins – Carpet in My Kitchen
Look Mum No Computer – Night or Day
A Travers – Grésil
DzEta – The Call
DAT Politics – My Toshiba Is Alive

Daniel Merrill and The Flowers of Evil – Priests of The Raven of Dawn

Twinkle³ – David Ross, Richard Scott, Clive Bell – First Night’s Sleep
Peony – Varmint Rifle
KAPUTT – Movement Now
Nic Fit – Count
Ascsoms – Heard
Stuart Bowditch – banho.entrou.valeu
The Metamorph – Twice-Once
Food People – Unplumbed-Unfailing
Claude & Ola – uume 10
Landon A. R. Coleman – When You Find Your Heart is Broken
Julia Sabra and Fadi Tabbal – Signs
Firestations – Tunnel 2
Drauszen – M15R05
El Rass & Munma – Freestyle
Grupa Sigma – Kalnā
Alina Pash – Матах
Samuel Sharp – Twinkly Tide
Toxic Chicken – One Day
Sealionwoman – GISELLE
Kim Moore – Light To Come single
Enclosed & Silent Order – Crisis Apparition
Elsa Hewitt – Somebody With Dirty Fingers
Funky Sobrietas – Maria
Entropija – Dan

The Tumbledryer Babies – Forget the Past