Skint Richie returns to Tak Tent! Feat. hip hop to dub, to jazz, to a Ghana Glasgow collab, to mid 90’s trip hop, to whatever William Shatner is, to a dubby disco cover, back to dub, to lush LA beats with a harp, to house and (sort of Dundonian) disco. It’s good get stuff done, have a wee seat then get stuff done again music.


Sault – Don’t Shoot

Quakers – One of a Kind feat Guilty Simpson

Connie Price and Keystones – Pirates of the Mediterranean

Flying Lotus – Only if you Wanna

Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela – Slow Bones

Tafi and Green Door Allstars- Diloeshutubi

Bomb the Bass – Bug Powder (K+ D Session)

James Bong – Never Say?

William Shatner- It Hasn’t Happened Yet

Carlos Morgan – Shake Your Body

The Lions – Flugglin at Daves

The Revolutionaries – Kunta Kinte

Teebs – Verbena Tea

Don’t Try (King Most Direction) – Private Stock Records

Alphabet City – Colder Boogie (Dicky Trisco mix) 

Roisin Murphy – Incapable

Moodyman – Dem Sconies

Marius – Jet Set (Ray Mang Version)

CHK CHK CHK – My Fault (BB Edit)