Blauerosen ( is a place for inspiring music. Whichever sound triggers something in us, no matter how dark, dreamy, dystopian it is, it usually finds a place in one of our monthly playlists showcased here. The trip never follows the same route. There is no ‘map’ after all.

Jointweird (@jointweird (Instagram)) an artistically provocative duo, create a sonic journey to the heart of the dark side in order to showcase the best new music from folk to experimental. Is the result creating monsters or having a conversation with them? Come join us…we have cocktails!

The Telescopes – We See Magic and We Are Neutral, Unnecesary (Tapete Records, 2021)

Mogwai – It’s What I Want To Do Mum (Rock Action Records, 2021)

Ryley Walker + Kikagaku Moyo – Shrinks The Day (Husky Pants Records, 2021)

Daniel Ocean – Savior (Polycoffin, 2021)

White Ring – Calm Down (Rocket Girl, 2021)

Thorofon + Eva|3 – Théorie:redux (Ant-Zen, 2021)

2 Tones – Blue Mood (Foolish Records, 2021)

Sonic Area – gongwar feat. les tambours du Bronx (Ant-Zen, 2021)

Michael Idehall – Truth Be Told (Self released, 2021)

Lingua Ignota – Sexless//No Sex (Iron Lung) (Sargent House, 2021)

Críme – Bad Dreams (2021)

Mirror of Haze – Prisoners of The Maze (Wave Records, 2021)

Bloodlfowers – Ivory skin;moon blue eyes (2021)

JUNE – New Horizons (Artificial Dance, 2021)

Altar of Eden – Sacrilege (Sound Grotesca, 2021)

TV Priest – The Big Curve (Sub Pop, 2021)

Cheap Violent Cats – 25000 gallons of paranoia  (Solo Associates Gramophonic Collective, 2021)

Tala Vala – Exit Strategies (Number Witch Records, 2021)

Modern Studies – The Naked Eye (Fire Records, 2021)

Tindersticks – Tue-Moi (City Slang, 2021)