Another batch of musical bulbs pushes forth shoots of renewal through the heavy clods of frozen earth. Some tender snowdrops, some garish daffodils and the odd hopeful crocus popping up in the lawn despite the overwhelming evidence that it will be trampled. Let’s meet one to one outside for a coffee and drink it all in.

Jumble Hole Clough – Lagoon of rooms
Alma – Tierra
Nucleon – Missing Brain
Dan Wilson and The Counterfactuals – HIT
Guayaba – D.U.M.E
The Gathering Doubt – Goldfish
The Tumbledryer Babies – I Don’t Want To Make A Record
Toxic Chicken – Time to Fuck You Up
Infinity Room – Mazurka
The Doll – The view Epping Forrest
Bamboo Mystics – Lucid Hunter (Musica Medicina)
Kučka – Chinatown
Electronic Encounters – Seeing This Shape
Sylken Somers – Robots
Soheil Soheili – Jitter in the communication
Jamaica Mnanda – Masikini Naye Mtu (The Poor are Also People)
Jaime Munarriz – Accelerated Dragonfly Riverboat
R P Sten – The Fujiwara Tofu Incident
machina elektrika – I hier
Claude & Ola – Weft
Lingo Seini et son groupe – Gonmo
Elvin Brandi & Ecko Bazz – Ppitfall
Alan Morse Davies – Gloomy Sunday (Paul Whiteman with Johnny Hauser, 1936)
Janneke van der Putten – Glottis Attack for one singer (live recording) [excerpt]
Maher Shalal Hash Baz – Hows Your Bassoon Turquoirs
Ben Varian – Teardrop
Beat~Sereia – Prefiero imaginar