The soundtrack of March 2021 – the month of the worm supermoon – is not for the faint hearted. Jointweird brings you Blauerosen’s ( monthly sonic folie à deux with IDM, experimental, punk, gothic, noise, and folk moments to stir up your evenings, your dreams and beyond. Join us with your favourite drink…we dare you!

Lucas King – Liar, Dark Piano Radio Volume 6 (2021, Self-released)
DJ Sigils – Feed Me Brains, Thee Alpha and Thee Omega Vol. II (2021, Clan Destine Records)
Axebreaker – Tolerance, Vigilance (2021, Obsolete Units)
Visionist – Winter Sun, A Call to Arms (2021, MUTE)
JFK – Embryo, Avalanche Zone (2021, L.I.E.S. Records)
MediaData – Cyberpunk She Devil, Septentrionali (2021, Self-released)
Orgue Nouveau – Voir La Lumière, O Tempora, O Mores (2021, Neons Publishing)
Xqui – Twenties, Twenties (2021, Subexotic Records)
Bell Orchestre – III: Dark Steel, House Music (2021, Erased Tapes Records)
Xiu Xiu – One Hundred Years, Oh No (2021, Polyvinyl Record Company)
Hammersh0i – Hammersh0i Assassiné, Cathédrales (2021, SwissDarkNights)
Depresion Radikal – Bruma, EP: Muros (2021, Tumbero Records)
Senex IV – Drop Dead, Gods & Taboos (2021, Batcave Production)
Cardinal & Nun – What’s Going On Tonight ?, Dancing In The Evil (2021, L.I.E.S. Records)
Vestron Vulture – Transient Ischemic Melancholia, Gaiden (2021, Self-released)
Carnal Machinery – Solitudinarian, Single: Solitudinarian (2021, Self-released)
Gentle Ropes – Cold, Burning Flowers (2021, Self-released)
Bleib Modern – Loony Voices, Afraid To Leave (2021, Icy Cold Records)
The Drin – For The Tsarina, Engines Sing For The Pale Moon (2021, Future Shock)
Pet Needs – Scratch Card, Fractured Party Music (2021, Xtra Mile Recordings)
Doors In The Labyrinth – Stolen Child, In The Shadow Of The Monolith (2021, gnarphlager records)
Ledfoot – Crossed My Heart, Black Valley (2021, TBC Records)
The Paper Kites – Crossfire, Roses (2021, Nettwerk)
The Underground Youth – For You Are The One, The Falling (2021, Fuzz Club)