A psychedelic adventure in the occult of the deep self from Hassan K on Extra Normal Records and bonkers cover of Adriano Celentano’s 1972 classic gibberish hit oddity by Marianne Dissard. +++ TVO, Vertical Foliage, Dictaphone, Nerea Bello and Simon Kirby

Dictaphone – Your Reign is Over, Goats and Distortions (Denovali Records, 2021)

Hassan K – Malakût, Isteghna (Extra Normal Records, 2021)

Marianne Dissard  – Prisencolinensinainciusol (Self-release, 2021)

Deludium Skies – Entwined, Destination Desolation (Xtelyon Records, 2021)

MEMNON SA – Golden Ram Of The Sun, World Serpent (Holy Mountain Studios, 2020)

TVO – Stroudwater (late) (Self-release, 2021)

Vertical Foliage – Someone Is Waiting for You at the Horizon of the Earth (CAMP Editions, (2020)

Nerea Bello and Simon Kirby – On My Skin, Blackford Hill Transmissions Vol 1 (Blackford Hill, April 2021)