As I write this, I’m hoping that Sunken Paths VIII will be received as the mix version polar-opposite of Baldrick’s famous 2nd WWI poem (you know, the one that “…started off badly, tailed off a bit in the middle and the less said about the end the better”). I always thought that critique was a little harsh anyway, War is a horrid thing after all. So, here it is, let’s all sing….

Alison Cotton ‘The Bells of St.Agnes’ –
Bonzai ‘Yellow Church’ –
Dulcid Drone ‘Gauze Like’ –
Nat Lyon ‘Tiger up and down’ –
Spacelab ‘Shimmer’ –
there are no birds here ‘Hales Grove’ –
The Hologram People ‘Lord Shiva’s Mothership’ –
Christine Ott ‘Pluie’ –
The Inciental Crack ‘Just Passing Through’ –
Lucy Adlington & Mike Vest ‘IV’ –
Selvedge ‘Firefly’ –
POLA ‘The Weirding’ –
Lovely Wife ‘Export To Disk’ –