This week Emma has the hiccups and she urges you all to try looking terrible in public.

Retrigger – O Satã apareceu
Isaura Tupiniquim – Golpes
Flint Kids – Dwarkas Morphon
CHARMAINE LEE – Monstas’ Marriage
Unnamed-artists- I’m Dressing MyselfMessage from IFAR
Jez Creek & Reon Moebius – Cue More Bikes
Kiiltomatolyhty – Mäyrämetsässä
Andrew Woodhead – Tolls-Waves
Coil- Going Up
Moonshine Blues – Dusk
Virginia Belmont – Precious (Parakeet)
Territorial Gobbing vs Derek Piotr – CURATORIAL GARBLING
Fern – ou´ros51
Monkey Warhol – Boots & Pants
Maja Elliott – Fire
Helicopter Quartet – The Start
Mamman Sani – Gosi
CM-4 – Speed Run
Enclosed & Silent Order – You Saved The King
Nilotika Cultural Ensemble – We Love Nilotika