Hop aboard and take a strange staycation with us as we wind lazily downstream to destinations unexplored.


Blue – Remain
Cousin Sharky – Anti-Calcification Procedure
Yoyogi Koen 代々木公園 – Hyakki Yako 百鬼夜行 ひゃっきやぎょう – Rokurokubi 轆轤首
17 Kuta Quintet
Sabot – From the Root to the Leaf
Wave Debb – Museum Fan
BAG – Ode to Slug
Szukanie – Szukanie
Crushing Yellow Sun – Heads or Tails
Colectivo Abaetetuba – Cachaça e Jambu
Philippe Petit – Ants’ cavalcade
invisible elephant – Wind-Up Bird
Shaun Robert – tamcredi
Radio Pyongyang- Start ’em Young
The New Emphatic – All Too Hectic
Patrick R. Pärk – Friday Chimes
Fashoda Crisis – Fathers (demo)
Giuseppe Antonuccio ( Metauro Colossum) – The real Toy Story s plot
Gargle – The Bleak Sky That Shimmers
The L.Switters Sax Brotherhood & Society – HonOff
ESKIMOOMIN – melonflower
Yumbo – The End of a Song
Širom – Same as the One She Hardly Remembered
The Hillmisters – Cold Sea Air
The Herbalists – Don’t Take A Nap There! Swamp Nettles Hurt!