High Jinks explores some new material from Castles in Space, Submarine Broadcasting Company, Difficult Art And Music and Denovali Records.

Black Channels – She Let Go, Two Knocks For Yes (Castles in Space, Nov 2021)
Ainsley Hamill, Ösp Eldjárn and Dan Whitehouse – Don’t Look Down (Bandcamp, 2021)
Luke Requena – Venus Maternal, Mirror Stage (Castles in Space, Nov 2021)
Chorchill – Zero, Non-Traumatic Events (Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2021)
Saffronkeira & Siavash Amini – Sanguineus, The Faded Orbit (Denovali Records, 2021)
Exit Chamber – Shift Waves (Bandcamp, 2021)
Sulk Rooms – Nobody Asking Questions, Overheard Conversations (Anticipating Nowhere Records, 2021)
Bunny & The Invalid Singers – None Of This Happened,  Flight Of The Certainty Kids (Bearsuit Records, 2021)
Simon McCorry – Pieces of Mind, (Bandcamp, 2020)
SAD MAN – Double remix Slow (Bandcamp, 2021)
J.Lynch – So There Was This Railroad, The Tender Appropriation (Difficult Art And Music, 2021)
Phirnis – Chameleon,  Non-Traumatic Events (Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2021)
Amateur Theatre Group – Curtains, races 1990 – 2021 (Bandcamp, 2021)