“Are we ghosts or is this a dream?”

Jingle hells, jingle hells…another dystopian year has ended, the leaves are still falling from the trees and foggy days last longer. So let’s all thank the dark forces of nature for still inspiring musicians to give us great music!

That’s all folks, the WB a.k.a Jointweird has cooked this playlist with the same recipe but new ingredients. Enjoy!

Asylum Promises – Last Thing I Remember, EP: Winter Solstice Plague (Dec 2021, Self-released )
Paradox Obscur – Universe, EP: Voxiter (Dec 2021, Self-released )
Home Front – Kill The Time, Think of The Lie (Dec 2021, Label: La Vida Es Un Mus)
The New Arctic – Barrengrad, Bardo (Dec 2021, Label: TONN Recordings)
SYZYGYX – News Flash, (Im)mortal (Dec 2021, Label: Cold Transmission Music)
This Cold Night – 90o, EP: 90o (Dec 2021, Self-released)
Anima Triste – Single: River of The Dancing Gods, – (Dec 2021, Self-released)
Metal Disco – The Trance That Veils The Mind, EP : Misbehave (Dec 2021, Label: Werkstatt Recordings)
Organizatsiya – Thought, EP: Vlug (Dec 2021, Label: Raakvlak)
Theoreme – Les Artisans, Les Artisans (Dec 2021, Label: Maple Death Records)
Julie’s Haircut – Single: The Skull, – (Dec 2021, Self-released )
Madmess – Stargazer, Rebirth (Dec 2021, Label: Hassle Records)
ADMX-71 – They’ve Instilled Fear In Us, The Aging Process (Dec 2021, Label: L.I.E.S. Records)
Holsten – Corner Trap, EP: Odlum (Dec 2021, Label: UVB-76)
The Ending Nights – Fleshless, A Landscape To Die (Dec 2021, Label: Cold Transmission Music)
Nox Arcana – Single : Dark of Winter, – (Dec 2021, Self-released )