Three hours of music selected by Peter Liversidge featuring Nat Lyon, Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network, Peter Broderick, Saskia Lankhoorn, PJ Harvey and Sarah Davichi.

Ian Hawgood & Danny Norbury – IV

Skúli Sverrisson & Óskar Gudjónsson – The Box Tree

OMBRE – Tormentas

Matt Elliot – If Anyone Tells Me “It’s Better To Have Loved And Lost Than Never To Have Loved at all” I will Stab Them In The Face.

Saskia Lankhoorn – Moore (K), Dances & Canons

Nat Lyon – Tiger Up And Down The Tree

Steve Gunn – Old Strange

PJ Harvey – In The Dark Places

Papa M – I An Not Lonely With Cricket

Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network – Heartbreak Jazz

The Fall – Winter

Fela Kuti – Coffin For Head Of State

Simon Pyke – Universal Everything & You

Holden – The Caterpillar’s Intervention

Uncle Tupelo – I Wish My Baby Was Born

Carla Del Forno – Dragon Breath

Movietone – The Crystallisation Of Salt At Night

Arvo Pärt – Für Alina

The Tallis Scholars – Sancte Deus

Carl Stone – Chao Praya

Christian Frederickson – Coda

Sarah Davichi – Matins

Peter Broderick – Missing People

Rachel’s – Promenade

Songs, Ohia – The Long Dark Blues (Farewell Transmission demo)