Dear darklings – enough sitting, enough self-reflection, enough calmness, enough stillness. Time to overturn things, time to channel a different energy, time to embrace the spur of the moment and enjoy the catharsis that follows an explosion of energy. It will feel chaotic, exhilarating, somewhat long-time coming and, most definitely, violently happy. This playlist is a sonic orgy of banging electro, noise, IDM, punk rock and gothic poems that somehow dissolve into a dark folk, rock, dreamy, ethereal dance through a jazz, soul improvisational pathway. Enjoy it as loud as you can because … il y a des enfants qui disent non, il y a des enfants et c’est nous!

Archive – Fear There & Everywhere, Call To Arms & Angels (April 2022,  Partisan Records)

Helms Alee – Do Not Expose To The Burning Sun, Keep This Be The Way (April 2022, Self-released)

CROWS – Healing, Believers Beware (April 2022,  Fourth Dimension Records)

Fontaines D.C – In ár gCroíthe go deo, Skinty Fia (April 2022,  Dedstrange)

106 – 1234568, 106DTP01 (April 2022,  Estaboy Records)

Sudden Infant – Il y a des enfants, Lunatic Asylum (April 2022,  Hreám Recordings)

Lunacy – Open Ended, Echo In The Memory (April 2022,  Rocket Recordings)

Schrӧttersburg – VI, Om Shanti Om (April 2022,  HANDS Productions)

SINNEN – Painting Daisy, Hawk Moth Man (April 2022,  HANDS Productions)

GNOD – Waves of Fear, Hexen Valley (April 2022,  AmeK Collective)

Phasenmensch + Antoine Saint-Martin – Leaving The Tower [Reaching The Surface], A Prenatural Silence (April 2022,  ant-zen)

Sylvgeist Maëlstrӧm – Attrition, Gandrange (April 2022,  ant-zen)

Evitceles – Accession, Accession (April 2022,  Emotional Response)

Synapscape – talk to your crow, the stable mind (April 2022,  Khumbu Records)

Kommando – sequester, brutal cell (April 2022,  Rainchild Records)

Cherrystones – The Canal, Aged of Silver (April 2022,  WKN)

Tom Sochas – The Spell, The Sorcerer (April 2022,  Manic Depression Records)

Gunwood – Dear Starlight, Dream Boat Jane (April 2022,  Crammed Discs)

King Dude & Der Blutharsch and The Infinite Church of the leading hand – Bury The Knife, Black Rider on the Storm (April 2022,  Slowcraft Records)

AinSophAur – Chant du pays, Chants des Ruines (April 2022,  Manic Depression Records)

Steven Brown – It Occurred to Me, El Hombro Invisible (April 2022,  Crammed Discs)

Anne Garner – Dust Devil, Dear Unknown (April 2022,  Slowcraft Records)