Dear darklings – we put together songs about peace and songs about war, otherworldly sonic calls and IDM puzzles. Whether the lyrics follow a synthpop path or an indecipherable one, one this is certain – the future has a scary face but it listens to some pretty good damn music! Put your ears on, mix your poison and join us.

Emma Ruth Rundle – In the Cave of The Cailleach’s Death-Birth, Electric Guitar 2 -Dowsing Voice (May 2022, Sargent House)
The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Reppo – Jolkottelevat sudet, Kosmoksen erakko (May 2022, Sahko Recordings)
Al Lover – Deep Time/Complex System, Cosmic Joke (May 2022, FUZZ Club)
Haress – Litres into metres/Sunsuruss, Ghosts (May 2022, Wrong Speed Records)
Feiertag – Living In Slow, Dive (May 2022, Sonar Kollektiv)
TOKEE/Static Logic/Access to Arasaka – Repeater, Pressure Release Valve 2 (May 2022, CRL Studios)
Supreme Low Meets Sensational – The World feat. Bakosina, Still III (May 2022, VEYL)
CROMLECH – DESERT, Questionable Strategies (May 2022, deathbed tapes)
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Let’s Forsake Your Peace And Embrace My War, Nihilist Notes (and the Perpetual Quest 4 Meaning in Nothing) (May 2022, Out of Line)
x/o – Locking In, Chaos Butterfly (May 2022, Precious Metals)
Glaring – Consciousness, Paralyzed (May 2022, Self-released )
Depresion Radikal – cristales, 1000 navajas (May 2022, Tumbero Records)
Je t’Aime – Love U, Kiss The Boys (May 2022, Manic Depression Records)
Soft Cell – I’m Not A Friend Of God, Happiness Not Included (May 2022, BMG)