The Paine Full Years continues to 2010 featuring ILK, Space Weather, Susan Matthews, 230 Divisadero and The Blue Tree.

ILK – Panegyric Territories 

Religious Knives – The Sun 

Necro Deathmort – Hurt Me, I’m Bored 

Space Weather – They Turned Left 

Zola Jesus – Run Me Out 

Ian Astbury & Boris – Magickal Child 

The Blue Tree – The Everyday Book 

David Sylvian – The Rabbit Skinner 

Autechre – 0=0 

Susan Matthews – Splinters 

Ilyas Ahmed – Exit Twilight (vocals by Grouper) 

Richard Youngs – Oh Reality 

Julian Cope – These Things I Know 

230 Divisadero – Maps We Loathe (feat. Richard Adams) 

Smoke Jaguar – Petrichor Steven Wilson – Get All You Deserve