A retrospective show to mark five years of the Culture as a Dare stage at Leigh Folk festival. Contains a surprisingly scant amount of ‘folk’.

Grimm Grimm – Behold A Pale Horse
Tape Noise – Audience is Empty
David Colohan – Red River Run
Alex Monk – The Preying Beech
Ed Dowie – David is Unwell
Bamboo – A World Is Born
Meemo Comma – Tanglewood
Sophie Sleigh-Johnson – Napoleon’s Violet
Algis Fediajevas – Odė purvui, pykčiui ir bjaurumui
Michael Plater – Saint John’s Eve
Liberez – Exercise Restraint (Part One)
Katie Gerardine O’Neill – Existential Vase
Lost Harbours – Portal
Charlot Webster – Wild Flowers
Sophie Cooper – Once, My Heart Was Blind
Urthona – Aboard the Severn Estuary Surge Wave
Waterflower – Tucan
Pancake Promises –  Coathanger
Neo Geodesia – Decarcassed By 2562 Neon Flames
Diana Collier – Balm