When all is said and done, there is only sound – sometimes deafening, sometimes imperceptible. Rhythms and melodies with or without words that can either trigger disquieting thoughts or treat wounds that few gestures can. This playlist, in the ‘heart’ of the summer, has coldwave ‘colours’ and deep roots within the occult and, therefore, enjoying it will require that you perform a type of ritual that you are very familiar with.

The Glass Beads – Old Swing, Time to Die (May 2022, Self-released )
Mortal Boy – Fugue State, – (May 2022, Self-released)
Praises – Life Is Just A Picture, In This Year: Hierophant (May 2022, Hand Drawn Dracula)
Zola Jesus – Sewn, ARKHON (May 2022, Sacred Bones Records)
Fashion Club – Chapel, Scrutiny (May 2022, Felte)
The IRE – To Sleep, What Dreams May Come (May 2022, Play Alone Records)
Girls In Synthesis – Bypassing, Konsumrausch (May 2022, Hand Gawd! Records)
A.D. Luck – SCREE, Wormwood (May 2022, Submarine Broadcasting Company)
Deliluh – Body & Soul, Fault Lines (May 2022, Tin Angel Records)
Flint Glass – The blackness from the stars, Azathoth (May 2022, ant-zen)
English Heretic – Children of the Cove, Sedna Chronicles (May 2022, )
the rorschach garden – The process, Stealth black (May 2022, ant-zen)
Prequel Tapes – Stranger or Lover, The Golden Cage (May 2022, VEYL)
HEART ATTACK – Rituals, Negative Sun (May 2022, Atomic Fire)
SORRY FOR LAUGHING – Last Day Awake, Remember You Are An Actor (May 2022, Klanggalerie)