Go Bang! DJs play a selection of tracks from Derek Piotr’s new album (The Devil Knows How) interspersed with appalachian ballads, folk and traditional tracks.

Derek Piotr interprets traditional ballads and folk tunes, culled primarily from the repertoire of his honorary new family (Lena Bare Turbyfill and her kin). The result is stripped-down old-time lifted up by its roots.

Derek Piotr – Lily Shull

Frank Proffitt – Poor Ellen Smith

House and Land – Listen to the Roll

Derek Piotr – Yes, They All Sing

Mr. and Mrs. Berry Sutterfield – Lee Mills

Derek Piotr – They’d Sing Old Songs, and They’d Sing the New Ones

Black Twig Pickers (VHF) – Dan Friend’s Piece

Derek Piotr – George Collins

Mrs. Lena Bare Turbyfill and Mrs. Lloyd Bare Hagie – Lily Schull

Frank Proffitt –  I’m Going Back To North Carolina

Hattie Stoneman – Cumberland Gap

Derek Piotr – Old Lady and the Devil

Karen Dalton – Green Rocky Road

Derek Piotr – Lee Mills

Texas Gladden – The Devil & the Farmer’s Wife

The Devil Knows How is available here..

The Devil Knows How | Derek Piotr (bandcamp.com)