A selection of flexi-discs featuring educational, promo discs, adverts and various jingles from the 60’s to early 70’s. We hope you’ll dig this Skylarking groove!

Dansette Conquest – record player demo disc
Jupiter Organ demo disc – Delicado
Double Diamond – 60’s beer advert
Trafford Health Authority – heart problems chat
Madame Francesca – Virgo stars
Levi’s Jeans – Meet The Levi’s People ‘68
Radio One – 5th Anniversary jingle
The Rally Rounders – Bike Beat
Worthington Ale – 60’s beer advert
Steiner Products – care for your hairpiece
Jaques Loussier – Hamlet cigars advert
Fisher Audio – Invitation
Flexi Sales for Industry – promotional disc
Frederick Judd – Practical Electronics ‘67
Virgin Records – Lentilmas
Barry Gray – Supercar
Disc & Music Echo – Sound Of The Stars – The Beatles
Patrick Allen & Cliff Johns – Mood Elegance perfume
Courage – 60’s beer advert
Golden Wonder crisps – Have You Heard The Noise
Sainsburys – Job Application
Jim Johnson – Sound Of The Moog
National Geographic – Songs of The Humpback Whale