More High Jinks featuring new work from Burd Ellen, Alison Cotton, Elizabeth Crompton, Band of Cloud, Simon McCorry and Holmes + atten Ash.

Burd Ellen – The Hermit, A Tarot Of The Green Wood (Mavis Recordings, Oct 2022)

Elizabeth Crompton – Shelter, Problems Of Other Minds (Werra Foxma Records, Nov 2022)

Band of Cloud – Band of Cloud, This is Tomorrow (Castles in Space, Dec 2022)

Sarah Davachi – Vanity Of Ages, Two Sisters (Late Music, Oct 2022)

Pefkin – Deep Sea, Deep Time, The Land is a Sea in Waiting (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Sep 2020)

Simon McCorry – Bearing Witness, Mouthful of Dust (Polar East Recordings, Nov 2022)

Mary Lattimore – Don’t Look, Silver Ladders (Ghostly International, Oct 2020)

Alison Cotton – The Last Wooden Ship, The Portrait You Painted of Me (Rocket Recordings, June 2022)

Laura Cannell – Having Been Breathed Out, The Earth With Her Crowns (Brawl Records, June 2020)

Holmes + atten Ash – Daphnis, Saturnian (Blackford Hill, Oct 2022)