We hope that when you feel the urge to smash things, you will listen to this playlist – especially if you’ve NEVER had this urge before. ‘DOWN WITH THE GENERAL SHITE’ does exactly what it says on the tin — just the way The Cult Of One means it.

In other news: if you’ve never tried Agwa…make sure to shoot one!

Happy first month of the new year everyone!

The Cult Of One – DOWN WITH THE GENERAL SHITE, Monomaniac (Jan 2023, Self-released )

The dirty sun – red velvet wolf in the temple of honey, EP: red velvet wolf in the temple of honey (Jan 2023, Split Banana Records )

Involucija – Crna Formula, EP: Crna Formula (Jan 2023, aufnahme+wiedergabe)

EMPUSAE – SHӓk, – (Jan 2023, Old Captain)

guineapig – Incongruous Existence, Incongruous (Jan 2023, TONN Recordings)

Iamnoone – the broken spell, Together Alone (Jan 2023, Cold Transmission Music)

Depresion Radikal – Verte, Redencion (Jan 2023, Tumbero Records)

Dark Door – Dramma Dipinto su tela, – (Jan 2023, Self-released )

Burning Gates – What I Know, Dying Season (Jan 2023, SWISSDARKNIGHTS)

Den Edele Dood – Een Duivelse Bezetting Van Genitaliën, Het vlammende zwaard en de verschroeide aarde (Jan 2023, Canti Eretici)

Ghost Woman – Down Again, Anne, If (Jan 2023, Full Time Hobby)

The Murder Capital – Crying, Gigi’s Recovery (Jan 2023, Human Season Records)

Hotel Lux – Eastbound and Down, Hands Across The Creek (Jan 2023, The State51 Conspiracy)

LOCKS – NOLA (Jan 2023, Self-released)