Chelidon Frame presents a selection of experimental music from Italy. Featuring Martina Bertoni, Demetrio Cecchitelli, Stefano Pilia and Camilla Pisani.

Martina Bertoni – “Collided” [Karl Records]
Like a man approaching a flowing river – “XU” [Shimmering Moods Records]
Demetrio Cecchitelli – “Branches” [Singing Birds]
Federico Madeddu Giuntoli – “Grand Hall of Encounters ” [FLAU]
Brian Fedele – “On The Shores Of The Deepest Sea”
Chelidon Frame – “At Ease” [Chitra Records]
Asymmetric Cut – “Cigolio Della Brezza” [fallen lo-]
Andreij Rublev – “Enjoy the Chasm”
BIAS + RNX – “A.D. 2022 – SP#104 | Clang wad 5” [Dust Archive]
Chelidon Frame – “In I Reached (from Flatline Voyages)”
Chelidon Frame – “Out I Wandered (from Flatline Voyages)”
Stefano Pilia – “Hannah” [Die Schachtel]
PLUHM – “Pt IV – Palpebre Chiuse”
Kaptep – “Don’t worry about the numbers” [Tiny Drones For Lovers]
Music For Sleep – “Facing the Southern Sunset Lights – I”
Alessandro Ragazzo – “I” [Dornwald Records]
Camilla Pisani – “Abrasive Euphoria” [Aesthetical]