Dear darklings, we hope you are as happy as we are with all the music that has been reaching our ears and the live gigs that have started filling up our calendars for the year. Don’t mind the quietness of the streets, don’t feed the anger and the sadness — this is a soundtrack for dancing in the streets.

“Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are”—Bertolt Brecht

The Medicines – In Uniform, Alone In A Room (Feb 2023, Self-released)

Cerulean Veins – Love Won’t Save Us Now, Black (Jan 2023, Label: Cold Transmission Music)

She Pleasures Herself – BURY ME, Latex (Jan 2023, Label: Manic Depression Records)

Diary of Dreams – the Fatalist, Melancholin (Jan 2023, Label: Accession Records)

Opera Multi Steel – A Nos Moments Perdus, Les Passions Tristes (Jan 2023, Label: Wave Records)

Isserley – Head, EP: Blonde Remorse (Jan 2023, Label: Tigersquawk Records)

Torment Alter – Some Kind of Violence, Snuffed Out (Jan 2023, Label: deathbed tapes)

INVA//ID – Snow, – (Jan 2023, Self-released )

room of wires – welcome to the end game, welcome to the end game (Jan 2023, Label: ant-zen)

Sial – Sia-Sia, Sangkar (Jan 2023, Label: La Vida Es Un Mus)

Death Valley Girls – Journey To Dog Star, Islands In The Sky (Jan 2023, Label: Suicide Squeeze)

Algiers – A Good Man, Shook (Jan 2023, Label: Matador)

PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS – The Weatherman, Land of Sleeper (Jan 2023, Label: Rocket Recordings)

KHAOMAN – GAG, ODD (Jan 2023, Self-released)

Cadaver Shrine – And Death Crawls, Benighted Desecration (Jan 2023, Label: Chaos Records)

The Abbey – Rat King, Word of Sin (Jan 2023, Label: Season of Mist)

Kerala Dust – Moonlight, Midnight, Howl, Violet Drive (Jan 2023, Label: Play It Again Sam)

Torul – The Only Way, End Less Dreams (Jan 2023, Label: Infacted Recordings)

Monsieur Crane – J’attends, Redux (Jan 2023, Label: TONN Recordings)