April allowed for the coexistence of sounds associated with the harshness of wintry weather and those encountered in an enchanted forest. Somewhere in the maze of distorted industrial textures, there are glimpses of worlds where wonder and the thrill of discovery of new dimensions coexist. Whether you consider yourself to be a healer or in need of a healing potion, take this playlist with you on a walk around the forest. Potions are not required, as we assume you will mix some on your way. 😉

Adore – Words Unspoken, The Endless Never (Jan 2023, Label: Kess Kill)
gwen tremorin & anatoly grinberg – night in gale, singularity spectrum (Jan 2023, Label: ant-zen)
Ortrotasce – Mock Stranger, EP: WAR (Jan 2023, Self-released)
:Wumpscut: – Giftkeks, EP : Poison Cookie (Jan 2023, Label: Beton Kopf Media)
Simbiotycs – Sobrenatural, – (Jan 2023, Self-released )
Blind Delon – La Mort feat. Curses, EP: La Mort (Jan 2023, Label: VEYL)
Nick Carlisle – 2039, – (Jan 2023, )
Human Tetris – Reminder, Two Rooms (Jan 2023, Self-released )
Little Girls – What We Did, Thrills (Jan 2023, Self-released)
bloody/bath – Burning, EP:Burning/A Dream (Jan 2023, Label: Hand Drawn Dracula)
AUTOBAHN – Post History, Ecstasy of Ruin (Jan 2023, Label: Kooky Too)
FEWS – Get Out, Glass City (Jan 2023, Label: Tough Love Records)
The Black Delta Movement – Zip-Tie, Recovery Effects (Jan 2023, Label: Welfare Sounds & Records)
Kiša – DESVELADO, S/T (Jan 2023, Label: FUZZ Club)
Helicon – Disobey, God Intentions (Jan 2023, Label: Unknown Pleasures)
Danzig – Unclean Sephira, Black Aria II (Jan 2023, Label: FUZZ Club)
The Infinity Ring – Prison, Constraint, Nemesis&Nativity (Jan 2023, Label: Profound Lore)
Terzo – Cymbeline, Terzo (Jan 2023, Label: Icons Creating Evil Art)
Darja Kazimira & Zura Makharadge – Dance of the healer, Songs from an obscure matriarchal tribe (Jan 2023, Label: Unexplained Sounds Group)
Urizen Society – Oris, SOLIUM ARDENS: The Ring of Coagula (Jan 2023, Label: PEST PRODUCTIONS)